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from partiers

John & Jackie

"It is a group of people that come together and love the Lord and love each other. It's amazing."

Oscar & Jennifer

"Definitely, the little church here has changed our lives dramatically and it's all about Jesus, period."


"One of the best parts about Hilltop is how comfortable and how friendly and welcoming people are." 

Matt & Sara

"It's a good place. A great place. It feels like home."


"Hilltop has provided a really good opportunity for me to get involved in a local church community." 


"It's not like a normal, boring church. It's pretty fun. I like it...It's different and that's what I like about it." 


"We're just God's church loving on people, asking you to come. Everything's the best about Hilltop." 


"Hilltop is fun, it's energetic but it's also straight to the point. You know what it's about. You know what it supports. It's all about Jesus, period."


"I've been coming here for 20 years and I've been able to watch it grow. It's been awesome, and it's been awesome to form the relationships that I have."

Sam & Melinda

"Here, David's got you laughing one minute and the next minute you're thinking seriously about a Bible verse. You're never bored. It's a good church to be at." 


"You feel comfortable immediately when you come into Hilltop. Hilltop had me the very first Sunday I came, and that was when they said it's all about Jesus, period."


"Everybody greets you with happiness. Everybody greets you with love and I just feel so at home here."


"One thing Jesus has shown me since coming to Hilltop, is how to grow and connect with people."

Bob & Pat

"Hilltop is committed to seeing that we are with God."

Steve & Alice

"Having a new building with more space, being able to bring more people to church to have them learn about Jesus, would be absolutely fantastic." 


"Hilltop has impacted my marriage. Most importantly is that my wife and I pray more together, we attend together, we don't attend separate. We pray together at every meal, we read the Bible every evening."

Dennis & Denise

"I never thought I'd be able to replace the church I left because we were really well connected, we had history, it was like a big family, and we actually have developed that here."

Bryan & Misha

"Hilltop has impacted our family, our marriage is good. It helped us to get closer together with each other, helped get closer with Jesus and just all around get our family more into Jesus and a better life." 

Mike & Lisa

"It's very fun, have you met our pastor? He's a nut! It is loving, friendly, warm, we are growing but I feel we still have an intimacy."

Gabriel & Melissa

"It's a joyful place, brings happiness, the worship always pumps you up, and Pastor Dave is awesome."


"Hilltop people are very welcoming. They greet you as soon as you get here. They want to know about your day. They want to know about you. They accept you for who you are. Doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done."


"No matter what you look like, what you sound like, what you wear, you're always welcome in this church and it gives you such a warm feeling coming here."

Ken & Lou Anne

"Hilltop Church is a very friendly place. A place where people always feel welcome."

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