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pray, give, and partner
with hilltop church

One of the best things in life is birthday cake. A nice soft cake covered in frosting is the bomb! A birthday cake is what makes birthdays so special. In fact, could you imagine going to a birthday party and not having cake? Is it even a party without cake?  


Hilltop has been having a party for many years now that is all about Jesus, period. Yet, we are missing the cake. Our cake is a building. It’s the thing people expect to see. It’s the thing that is used to allow us to give them the best gift ever, Jesus. If we are not willing to provide a cake, why would they even come to our party?  


The cake is what leaves a lasting memory. The cake is what makes people want to come back. The cake is what brings pleasure and joy and the opportunity to discover Jesus. Jesus is who we want children to know.  Jesus is who we want adults to know. If we can change the future of Havasu and beyond for Jesus by simply providing a cake; then it is a no brainer.  Let’s start baking. Join the Party.



stay tuned for more videos, photos, party events, and frequent updates you won't want to miss! 

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